Our Success Stories

We Do Things Smarter

We are a healthcare technology hub that is transforming Revenue Cycle through smart and AI based solutions. Santechture products help providers in need of modular, tailored options for efficient Revenue Cycle Management –  to maximize accuracy and safeguard revenue. 

Back in 2009, when the healthcare industry in the UAE moved from paper-based insurance claims to e-claims and the implementation of proper medical coding systems required, the effect on both the private and public medical sectors was massive! It simply changed the way the industry worked, and that was when technology took over! 

SANTECHTURE started as an internal technology department in one of the Middle East region’s leading Revenue Cycle Management companies. This tiny tech department was able to create both a billing platform (now ROBIN) and a rules engine solution (now THYNK) to make the process of revenue cycle management efficient, fast, and simple by automating everything from insurance eligibility, pre-approvals, preliminary billing, all the way to regulatory compliance. 

Ten years later, SANTECHTURE was born, yet the know-how and the tech solutions it provided already had a massive track record of success! Our products are compatible with major Health Information Systems (HIS) in the GCC and Middle East region, including the Saudi Billing System (SBS). 

Our commitment to quick and easy deployment options, cost-effective solutions, localized and customizable capabilities allow our products to cover the needs of healthcare providers of all scales and complexities, whether it’s a small to a medium-sized medical centre or a large hospital.

We aim to help the growing healthcare sector in the UAE and KSA achieve better financial health by reducing revenue leakages and perfecting the medical coding, billing, and clinical documentation processes.  

SANTECHURE products currently serve over 27 government hospitals in KSA, 5 John Hopkins Healthcare Centres, and all Dr, Suliaman Al Habib’s Hospitals and Clinics in the UAE. 

However, our plans don’t stop there! Our tireless team is continuously developing new solutions, updating our current ones, and nimbly adapting to the ever-growing needs of the healthcare industry with the ultimate aim of providing better health for all in the region.