QUBE EMR and Practice Managment

Cloud RCM Practice Management Solution

An intelligent, user-friendly, all-in-one Clinical Information System designed specifically for the use of small and mid-sized healthcare entities (i.e., Sole Clinics, Polyclinics… etc.).

Why choose QUBE?

With the aim of managing and streamlining a Clinic’s Workflow,
QUBE offers a comprehensive course of functionalities that
manage all aspects of Ambulatory Operations such as medical,
organizational, financial and RCM functions, and
corresponding services leveraging an automated, customizable
Clinical Information System.

Features & Benefits

An All-In-One Solution

Available Functionalities and Features

Our RCM Platform. ROBIN

Embedded into the QUBE system is a flow management and process automation solution for medical billing and insurance claims management , ROBIN by SANTECHTURE

Our Rule Engine, THYNK

THYNK is a powerful business rules knowledgebase applied to detect medical and insurers policy violations in real time at each touch point of the patient’s journey. It supports over 1 million payer specific rules and more than 2 million medical guidelines, based on local and international best practices.

Integration Capabilities

Empowered by the latest versions of HL-7 and compatible with local HL-7 standards in Saudi Arabia. Our system is vendor-agnostic and can work
smoothly with any other third-party system within the hospital ecosystem (i.e., Laboratory Services, Radiology and Imaging Services, Pharmacy Services and any other ancillary services). Compatibility



Technical specs

You only need an internet connection and a
browser to start using Qube from anywhere,

Supported Browsers