ROBIN RCM Workflow Automation


An innovator in healthcare technology, SANTECHTURE offers solutions that intelligently manage and automate insurance revenue operations supporting lower denial rates and lower costs for healthcare providers across the full spectrum of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

A flow management and process automation solution for medical billing and insurance claims management, ROBIN by SANTECHTURE extends the functionality of the hospital’s Information System (HIS) or the clinic’s Practice Management System (PMS) to better control insured patients’ administration processes.

Robin - Complete RCM Workflow System

Why choose robin?

ROBIN’s core function is to manage the full patient’s journey
process, which begins the moment the patient’s visit is scheduled
up to claim payment collection and reconciliation. With 40% of all
insurance denials resulting from administrative errors, ROBIN is
the solution to prevent revenue leakage by reducing errors and
automating processes in the following areas:

ROBIN’s features and benefits include
establishing a consistent and accurate billing
process that combines operational excellence,
revenue control, effective communication and a
business intelligence engine which supports
claims management and pre-submission
scrubbing. ROBIN supports the management of
patients and all types of letters of credit,
insurance, and corporate claim payer accounts.

Features & Benefits

Connectivity with payer portals:

With a large number of payer portals directly connected to ROBIN through our Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) processes, including automation of patient eligibility and pre-approval process, RCM registration and pre-approval staff can save the patient some time as well as correctly identify patient benefits and accurate demographic details which significantly reduces errors and related denials.

Connectivity and Systems Integration:

ROBIN is designed to easily integrate with Health Information Systems (HIS) and Practice Management EMR solutions. Through 70 pre-defined industry standard RCM HL7 touch points, ROBIN can be connected to any health informatics system to provide the end user with a seamless experience. With an internet connection and a browser, you can access ROBIN from anywhere, anytime. You also have the option to host ROBIN in-house.

Supported Browsers: